Rotliebend: Read to Deconstruct

Bruckner & Steckbauer

2009 Homoagogo Art Festival, San Francisco, US (forthcoming)
2009 LOOP Video Art Festival (forthcoming), Barcelona, Spain
2009 Choko Face, Die Schokofabrik, Vienna, Austria
2009 Malaysia Mail Art Festival, Shangrala, Malaysia

2008 Frauenfilmbrunch, Unabhängiger Frauen Ort (UFO), Vienna, Austria
2008 These Toothy Bitches Will Eat You Alive, Alberto Ukebana, Berlin, Germany
2008 Queer Feministiche Tage, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria
2008 VIDEOAKT International Video Biennial, Berlin, Germany

2009 Catering by Rotliebend, Sensoria Sensoria, Berlin, Germany, (Julischka Stengele)
2008 Schoko Performance, Real Presence, Belgrade, Serbia, (Bruckner)
2008 They Eat From Him, Alberto Ukebana, Berlin, Germany, (Lan Hungh, Bruckner, Steckbauer)

2008 Anschläge, Das feministiche Magazin

Bruckner and Steckbauer are currently working on new video and photo projects that investigate the relationship between watching, observing and representing culture within privata and public space. 
Rotliebend is exhibiting actively across Europe, and US, has been featured in various shows in 2008 and 2009 and will present old and new work in art festivals and shows in San Franciso, US, Paris, France, and Sevilla Spain, among others.